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San Agustín Lanquín, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala


(+502) 3225-9251 (24 hour cell) / (+502) 4638-3008 (reception office)


Because our cell phone service in Lanquin is not always perfect, the best way to make a reservation is to fill out the form below or to send us an e-mail. We will respond to your request as soon as possible to confirm.

How to get here

  • From Aurora Airport in Guatemala City: Monja Blanca bus line [phone: (502) 7251-1878] runs approximately every half hour (4am until 5pm) from Guatemala City to Coban. From Coban, use “Transportes Martinez” buses to go to Lanquin. Monja Blanca buses leave Guatemala City roughly ever half hour from 4am until 5pm. Travel time approximately 5 hours from the city to Coban, then another 2 hours from Coban to Lanquin.
  • From Antigua: E-mail us and we will send a driver at your hotel door.
  • From Flores: Buy a ticket to Lanquin from any of the numerous travel agencies. Buses leave at 8am and travel time is approximately 7 hours.
  • From Rio Dulce: Go to the “Sun Dog Cafe”. The bus leaves at 1 PM and the travel time is approximately 5 hours.
  • From Coban: Take any taxi to “Transportes Martinez.” The buses leave roughly once an hour from 4am until 5pm. Travel time approximately 2 hours.
  • By car: When arriving from the direction of Coban, we are located just past the “Salida a Cahabon.” You will pass through the “main” part of town in Lanquin, cross a tiny bridge, climb a hill and then see our hostel on the left. When arriving from the direction of El Estor, we are located on the right before you arrive in the town of Lanquin, just up the hill from VR Gas Station.

How to get out of here

  • Buses leave daily directly from our hostel to Antigua, Guatemala City, Lake Atitlan, Flores, and Rio Dulce. All buses leave at 8am, and prices do vary according to season. We’re happy to help you book these tickets in reception, just 1 day in advance is enough.
  • Please note that we do not own or operate ANY of the bus companies – we simply sell their tickets in our reception as a service to our guests. Although we do guarantee your spot on the bus when you buy with us, we cannot be held responsible for any bus mechanical failures, actions or behavior of the drivers, or uncomfortable rides.
  • To go to Coban, local “colectivo” buses pass by our entrance approximately every hour starting as early as 4:30am. You can catch these buses on your own just by waiting on the side of the road and flagging them down. The cost is Q25 per person. The last bus passes at 4:30pm.