We’re a 100% locally-owned rustic lodge located in the heart of Alta Verapaz, in the small rural town of Lanquin. Here you won’t find a 5-star hotel with room service from a butler in a tuxedo.

What you will find is an authentic Guatemalan experience: thatch-roofed cabanas perched on the country-side along the river, a fun-loving group of local workers making your meals from scratch with lots of veggies from our garden, an unforgettable, adventurous tour to see Semuc Champey and the water caves, and so much more.

We have the best of both of worlds:

come party and dance the night away in our river-side bar or choose our rooms far away from the fiesta to relax in your own hammock and enjoy the nature. It’s a long, bumpy ride out here to Lanquin… but come visit us and you’ll see why it’s more than worth the journey!

[box title=”Cozy and Charming rooms” icon=”icon_set_2_icon-104″ desc=”We offer a wide variety of room options to satisfy any budget. Save yourself some time and book with us online! Fill the “Reservation” form to request a room, and we’ll send you a response with a confirmation of your booking information. Please keep in mind that certain rooms fill up very quickly (private rooms and private cabañas, specifically), so be sure to book in advance if you are interested in these options!”]
[box title=”El Retiro Restaurant” icon=”icon_set_1_icon-58″ desc=”Don’t miss our chilled out by day, often crazy by night riverside restaurant where you can get together with other guests during your stay. Our restaurant specializes in vegetarian food, but also serves chicken and beef. We offer several traditional Guatemalan dishes, home-baked bread, fresh fruit licuados.”]
[box title=”Enjoy country side Tours” icon=”icon_set_1_icon-40″ desc=”Join our adventurous tour to see Semuc Champey and the water caves, go tubing by the river, or fly over the Lanquin hills with our canopy tour ziplines, Also you’ll be welcomed into the home of a local family to learn their traditional methods of chocolate-making and cooking and so much more.”]
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Limited time special offer

  • 2nd night for FREE in DORMS
  • Christmas Dinner: Turkey, tamales, fruit punch, Glass of wine, Gift exchange and much more: Q125

Travel Warning & Tips

Reservations from 7 am to 6 pm via E-mail

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