[about title=”El Mirador de Lanquín” desc=”We offer in this exclusive hotel located in the highest hill of Lanquin, with breathtaking views, Rooms with bathroom and ac” image=”595″][about title=” More facilities” desc=”A canopy park, best for groups, families and people that love to be away from noise or prefer more privacy.” image=”603″]
[feat title=”Rooms” desc=”This hotel has 6 Rooms.” icon=”icon_set_2_icon-104″][feat title=”Bathroom” desc=”All rooms have private bathroom” icon=”icon_set_2_icon-118″][feat title=”Air conditioning” desc=”All rooms have private air conditioning” icon=”icon_set_1_icon-54″][feat title=”More Info” desc=”More info call El Retiro Lodge: +502 32259251″ icon=”icon_set_1_icon-90″]