[about title=”Chicken, beef and vegetarian food” desc=”Our restaurant specializes in vegetarian food, but also serves chicken and beef.” image=”502″][about title=”Don’t miss out on our nightly buffets” desc=”Don’t miss out on our nightly buffets where we’ll fill your belly with our all-you-can-eat Mexican, Italian, Kebab, Guatemalan, Roast Buffets, Thai Buffet and BBQ-themed buffets.” image=”498″][about title=”Prices” desc=”Our breakfasts range from Q20-Q30 and our lunches from Q25-Q45, depending on the menu. Dinners are always a buffet, served family-style – the price is Q60 for meat eaters and Q50 for vegetarians.” image=”501″]
[feat title=”Drinks” desc=”Afterwards, choose a drink from one of the most well-stocked bars in the area, full of local and international beers, whiskeys, rums, gins and and our famous nutella-vodka shots.” icon=” icon_set_1_icon-20″][feat title=”Relax” desc=”If the party mood doesn’t take you, why not sweat in our sauna, choose from our extensive book exchange, challenge a friend to a ping-pong or pool match, or just listen to our enormous music collection in our cosy bar.” icon=”icon_set_2_icon-108″]

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