Services & Prices


Our brand new river-side sauna fits up to 10 people, and can be used at any time of the day or evening. Perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation!

Sun bathing

A great plan for a lazy day.

Take a refreshing dip in the river and enjoy the sun.

Or sit in the water on a hot day – the perfect remedy for last night’s hangover.

Volley Ball Court

Come challenge our staff to a game of volleyball... We’re always up for a game on our river-side court!


Walk in the mountains around Lanquín and enjoy a beautiful view from every mountain top. Visit Lanquín. The majority of our village’s residents are Q’eqchi’ Maya. Chat with the locals and experience their culture. The town is very safe and the locals friendly.


We have wi-fi and computers for use. The cost is Q5 for half an hour. The internet signal out here in Lanquin is very bad. We would rather offer fast and effective internet for a small fee, than slow and frustrating internet for free.

Thank you for your understanding!

Music Sharing

Tired of your music? We have a lot for you to choose from! Bring your cable and browse our huge collection of music, movies, documentaries and DVDs. Q25 per gig of music or per movie.

  • Food & Drinks

    -Breakfast - from Q15 to Q35

    -Lunch - from Q20 to Q40

    -Dinner - All You Can Eat Buffet-Style Q50 for vegetarians and Q60 for meat-eaters

    -Beers and Cocktails - from Q10 to Q35

    Happy Hour every day!

  • Tours

    -Semuc Champey
    Price varies occasionally - ask us!
    Q25 per person, transportation only, one way

    -Lanquin Bat Caves - Q70

    -Tubing - Q50

    -Sunset Hike - Q25

    -Canopy - Q100

    -Chocolate Tour - Q50

  • Services

    -Sauna: Q20 per person

    -Music-Sharing: Q25 for 1 GB

    -Laundry Service: Q5 per pound

    -Rotating Fan: Q25 per night