[feat title=”Bring enough money for your stay as there is no ATM in Lanquin” desc=”There is a bank where you can exchange US dollars, but no ATM. You can pay with credit card at our hostel, but an additional fee of 10% will be added to the transaction because that is what the bank charges us for using their machine. Lastly, we accept US Dollars at 7:1, however if you’d like to walk to the bank in town they do offer a much better rate.” icon=”icon-money-2″]
[feat title=”Be aware of the drivers from Antigua and Flores” icon=”icon_set_1_icon-26″ desc=”They may tell you that we are full in order to get commissions from other hostels. If you call ahead or have already made a reservation with us, please insist on coming to us as we will not give away your reservation and, if you do not have a reservation, we will most likely have space for you. If we are indeed full, we will be happy to assist you in getting to another hostel.”]


[feat title=”We are a rustic lodge located in the jungle” desc=”This means that you will definitely see some bugs, there are mosquitos, and at times our electricity goes out. We do our absolute best to keep the lights and wi-fi functioning properly, but at times the electricity outages are beyond our control. Also, we ask that you do not bring any kind of food into the rooms because that is what attracts bugs. Please remember where you are when you come to stay with us — we are not located in downtown Manhattan, but rather in a tiny, rural, authentic Guatemalan town.” icon=”icon-tree-1″]
[feat title=”CHOOSE LOCALLY-OWNED!” desc=”We are proud of our country and proud to be 100% locally-owned. When coming to Lanquin and visiting Semuc Champey, please choose your lodging and tour operators carefully in order to support our local community. We strive to offer you an authentic Guatemalan experience: from the local workers behind the bar, to the soup on our menu made with veggies from our garden, to our thatch-roofed huts… and so much more!” icon=”icon-location-outline”]